K.I.I.A. facilities

on kiia.net you will

Find a dojo and an instructor

KIIA members teach Kinomichi in some hundred dojos located in France other European countries, Tunisia, Mexico, Canada and Brazil. On this page you will find detailed information on how to contact a dojo or an instructor.

Find practical information

On this constantly updated page you will find all kinds of materials and information to explore all the facets of Kinomichi in order to better understand it. As well as practical documents to help you start and progress.

Find a clinic

The clinics complement the regular practice of Kinomichi. Organized for a few hours, for a few days, they allow practitioners to progress together quickly. The major courses organized by the KIIA want to bring together practitioners from all the dojos, they are unique, festive and unifying events.

Documentation area

The Kinomichi in film, in images, in words ...

Films and videos

On this page you will find a selection of films and videos on Kinomichi.

Photo gallery

On this page you will find a photo gallery on the practice of Kinomichi. But above all our memories of Master Noro. Our instructors are keen to show the beauty of their practice and the happiness in their dojos: you will benefit from all this.

Books and articles

On this page you have access to articles, texts, book references on Kinomichi. Kinomichi will be explained in depth, its history, its philosophy, many have tried it, you will undoubtedly find answers there.